AK-Interactive AK-730 WOODEN DECK

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Kolor drewna, idealna do malowania drewnianych pok³adów jednostek p³ywaj±cych.


Acrylic wood color for decks. Just shake it and use it. This color has been formulated in consideration of the Scale Reduction Effect (subtle lighter than actual color), to obtain the correct colors in our kits. The paint is designed to be effective for airbrush and brush and is water-soluble, avoiding strong smells and harmful solvents. It can be easily thinned with our specific acrylic thinner or water if necessary. Our acrylics are manufactured by AK Interactive and are made with a formula that prevents clogging in the airbrush.

Farbka akrylowa wysokiej jako¶ci

High quality acrylic paint for Brush and Airbrush

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